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    Add vrealize orechestrator as an endpoint

    chdrei Novice


      I've tried to add a vrealize orchestrator as an endpoint in vRSLM

      but the user I'musing doesn't seem to have the correct rights in orchestrator.

      The documentation only says, you need a user, but doesn't tell you,

      which role or user rights it needs.

      Does anybody know how I have to configure the user?




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          Noemie Novice



          I have a lot of vRO endpoint in my case, all in v7.5.


          To be able to add it as an endpoint, you need to attribute the administrative right ( on vRO)  to your user ( used for the connexion from lifecycle) inside the authentication provider, inside the admin group , you must add your user or group ( with your user part of) inside.


          To be sure that your user used for Lifecycle connexion have the good right, you can test it on the Test login tab.


          After that you can add your VRO as endpoint, if it's still KO, please make sure that a curl command from your lifecycle to your vRO on port 8281 work fine.