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    Migrate from NSX-V to NSX-T for vCloud Director

    ztaylor10 Lurker

      Is anyone aware of a process for migrating from NSX-V to NSX-T in a vCloud Director environment? The NSX-T migration assistant is failing due to an unsupported NSX-V topology. The NSX dev team is stating that the reason for the failure is due to NSX-V (used for vCloud Director Only) having a single layer topology. They state that DLR is required to sit behind the ESGs and connect to the ESGs on an internal interface.

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          RaymundoEC Hot Shot
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          NSX dev you mean GSS or Eng.? It is hard to see the impact on any decision, but what implies to add the DLR and connect the ESGs(to comply with MC) with stage migration "manually"  with been in a dead-end road.

          From my experience MC is very strict on pre-reqs and promises a lot, so that is why I rather prefer to find the way without it, sometimes I prefer V2V of computing on VMS over ESXi hosts prepared with NSX-T under the governance of VCD seed new install. NOTE: in this scenario, time is the variable to consider.


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