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    Failed to lock the file

    ferexderta Enthusiast

      I have esxi 5.1 standalone and there are 3 vm running on the esxi host. a virtual machine crashes on that host then ı reboot this vm . what is the problem. i get this warning on the host



      Lost access to volume

      57beefa6-e02fd332-e776-901b0e6c7e5c (datastore1)

      due to connectivity issues. Recovery attempt is in

      progress and outcome will be reported shortly.


      01.02.2020 20:24:40




      Message on appa-01: The operation on the file "/vmfs/


      01-s001.vmdk" failed (Failed to lock the file). The file

      system where disk "/vmfs/devices/deltadisks/23bbc4f-vm

      -100-disk-1-s001-s001-s001-s001.vmdk" resides is full.

      Select Retry to attempt the operation again. Select

      Cancel to end the session.


      01.02.2020 20:25:27



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          sarikrizvi Enthusiast

          did you lost connectivity with that datastore1 ? Please validate that.


          Also you can detached that disk from that VM and check it on another working VM if it's get full then you need to make free space on this disk.

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            continuum Guru
            vExpertCommunity Warriors

            You need to stop all activty on this datastore at once !!!

            Every further attempt to do anything on this datastore will either fail - if you are lucky - or make matters worse.

            The path /vmfs/devices/deltadisks/... has links to the delta.vmdks that are currently in use: either by a active VM or by a stale lock caused by a misbehaving automatic backup tool.

            Next thing to do: stop all VMs that use thin provisioning or snapshots and free up some space.