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    New Organization, Different LDAP server, vIDM authentication, cannot enroll devices. Error message enclosed

    Ysoulieres Lurker
      Hey everyone! I've got a ticket open for this, but wanted to see if anyone had seen this issue...

      I've recently created a new organization group under the master org for a daughter company. I've established communication with its LDAP servers to sync users, both in Workspace One and vIDM (vmwareidentity) since enrollment authentication goes through there. Sync with LDAP is also working fine in vmwareidentity.

      Now, when I go in the intelligent hub and try to enroll a test user in that organization, it does find the organization with the email I enter, so far so good. Then it asks me which directory to use for auth. Afterwards I use the username/password for that user and I can see in the vIDM audit logs that it does the ActivationToken Create part. Again, so far so good.

      Right after that though, both on iOS or Android, enrollment fails. On Android, I get ' Enrollment message rejected from server' . On iOS, I get ' We're having trouble loading this page. Please contact your admin to work through this error.'  and at the bottom, ' Request failed' .

      So it does look like authentication succeeds, and that it tries to lead the next step in the enrollment process but fails to do so. Restriction, misconfig? I am out of ideas right now.

      Any help would be much appreciated!