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    Anyone?  (2V0-21.19,VCP-DCV 2020)  Test Prep

    FMB_Chuck Lurker

      Looking for Test Prep material, Books, eBooks, Video's and testing engines


          I've taken the Foundations class and passed the test. The class really did not have really enough material to pass the test. I found guides and test prep material and passed. I'm currently in the Optimize and Scale class. Blogs and posts indicate the same issue. Not enough material to pass. Understandable..... Going through this community I see others with the same question. I see replies to the VMware's site related to the Cert info.


         Looking for that Book, eBook or other material that is the definitive prep material for 2V0-21.19, not a hodge podge of mini eBooks, blogs and a barrage of links or cert prep sites all claiming to have the best material.


         Please advise if you have used any good material recently to prep for this test.


      Thank you....