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    Slow boot after Horizon Agent

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      I have Windows Server 2012 guest image that can boot in less than 10 seconds.

      With my previous VDI tool (Parallels RAS) new desktops take 10 seconds to provision and they boot in 10 seconds as well. RAS clones the machine, powers it on, and I can see it booted after 10 seconds. VMware Tools info on vSphere Web Client shows in seconds as well. RAS uses linked clones.


      If I use the same exact machine with VMware View, the machine takes 5 minutes to be deployed (Linked Clones), and then takes 1 minute to boot.

      I can see the machine being powered on by VMware View, but than it takes 5 minutes for VMware Tools IP address to show on vSphere. After customization, the same happens but it takes 1 minute instead.

      Everything is the same as the machine that boots in 10 seconds, only VMware View guest agent is now in use instead of RAS. I build my images with MDT, so I assure that no RAS Agent is deployed. Just the VMware Agent.


      Any ideia what can be the problem?