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    Microsoft Edge Beta (Chromium)

    JohnTwilley Hot Shot

      I'm trying to get ahead of the curve, and get the upcoming Microsoft Edge Beta (Chromium) working in DEM.

      In Google Chrome, we use the Group Policy -- "Enable the creation of roaming copies for Google Chrome profile data" to create a single Profile.db file which DEM captures.

      Microsoft has not enabled this delightful little feature...but wants you to use their new Sync function.  This new Sync function uses Azure and has a ton of prereqs.  I cannot get it to work smoothly.


      Has anyone got Microsoft Edge Beta (Chromium) working with DEM yet?   It goes live later this month, and I see ZERO discussion on it.

      And before you all start hating on Edge...this new chromium version is WAY better that the Edge of old.   Try it.


      I'm currently just looking to capture the "First Run" file (Local AppData) & the User's bookmarks... I'll build it up from there.

      I wasn't sure if DEM will have it builtin as a Windows policy, or what.     I thought I'd start this thead for a discussion point.

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          SummaCollege Enthusiast

          We are trying to do the same, but are also failing to get this to function.

          And you are right, this Edge version is WAY better.


          The fact that the official status is BETA might not help us out here..

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            JohnTwilley Hot Shot

            MOST of us like to get ahead of things like this, as the release is next week.  I don't want to be scrambling around after the next Windows Update goes live, trying to patch together a solution.  I was hoping that we could either rely on VMware as a strategic partner...or at least come together as a community to resolve this upcoming disaster.  We all remember how much of a pain Chrome was to capture...this is no different. 


            "On January 15, 2020, Microsoft is expected to begin the automatic rollout of the new version of Microsoft Edge based on the Chromium engine through Windows Update on devices running the Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803) and newer releases to replace the legacy version."


            Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

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              Pim_van_de_Vis Expert
              vExpertVMware Employees

              I've done some quick tests.

              The Canary channel installs Edge in the LocalAppData folder, not what you want.

              So I switched to the Beta channel, this installs Edge in the Program Files folder.


              After that I ran the Edge browser through the Profiler and done some quick and dirty 'optimization' to create this Config File:





              HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Edge Beta

              HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Edge SxS


              HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings




              <LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge Beta




              As you can see, settings are stored in a folder called 'Edge Beta', probably because this new Chromium Edge gets installed next to the existing Edge. So we need to wait for the final release to see how this would behave.


              With the config file content above I was able to roam the start page, theme, favorites, saved passwords, etc. I could not detect any broken or missing settings.

              The .ZIP file was 35MB in size, but we might be able to optimize this by excluding stuff we don't need. Focus right now for me was to see if we could capture all settings.


              Please give this a try and let me know your results.

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                JohnTwilley Hot Shot

                Thanks Pim,


                Mine was very very large, so I'm trying to scale it back a little.  I'm running both Edge Beta & Dev, so you will see duplicates.

                Since the Profile.pb is not (yet) available, it's not working as smoothly as our Chrome DEM policy...but this is a start.

                It keeps logging in with my Work Domain\UserID which cannot sync.  If I manually login using my full UPN (same AD account) Sync works via Azure.



                # This is for the new MS Edge Chromium browser rolled out in 2020.  **NOT WORKING WELL YET **




                HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Edge Beta

                HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Edge Dev

                HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Edge SxS


                HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings




                <LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge Beta\User Data\Default\Cookies

                <LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge Dev\User Data\Default\Cookies

                <LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge Beta\User Data\Default\Bookmarks

                <LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge Dev\User Data\Default\Bookmarks

                <LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge Beta\User Data\First Run

                <LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge Dev\User Data\First Run

                <LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge Beta\User Data\Default\Preferences

                <LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge Dev\User Data\Default\Preferences



                I'm hoping that that Chrome's manual (profile.pb) will be added...but there's not much discussion on the topic.

                Roaming Profile Support - GPO - Microsoft Tech Community - 1096652


                Here is my Google Chrome settings to compare.  It's very simple.


                # Based on this support article, to make Google Chrome work with roaming user profiles:

                # https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/7349337

                # The roaming user profile contains information such as bookmarks, autofill data, passwords, per-computer browsing history, browser preferences, and installed extensions.

                # It doesn’t contain information about cookies, browsing sessions, cached or downloaded files, and other local browser instance and transient data.



                <AppData>\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\profile.pb

                <LocalAppData>\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cookies

                <LocalAppData>\Google\Chrome\User Data\First Run

                <LocalAppData>\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences

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                  JohnTwilley Hot Shot

                  Looks like there is a different thread on this topic here:  Edge Chromium template

                  Please use the ones in that thread, as the ABOVE settings will result in a large Zip file.

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