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    Autodesk Desktop Connector issues

    Bufordx10 Novice

      Hi all, I can't seem to put the Autodesk Desktop Connector in an AppStack. It works initially but if I add a version or update the Autodesk Desktop Connector it breaks. Any ideas suggestions for me? I'm going to try and put it on the Gold Image for now but ideally, I'd like it in an AppStack with AutoCAD and Revit only problem is there seem to be a lot of updates to all the Autodesk Apps so making a new AppStack every time would be painful. The app is free if anyone wants to try it

      Get Autodesk Desktop Connector like I said it works initially but if I update the AppStack it breaks basically AdSSO.exe and the Autodesk Desktop Connector appear to peg the CPU and you can't get the app to open after that. Thank you for any help!!

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          whibr Novice

          I'm curious what version of App Volumes, Horizon, and guest OS are you using?  I've had lots of problems with putting Autodesk apps in appstacks with version 2.18.  I finally just installed all versions of Autodesk apps in the instant-clone pool parent VM, but even then I had to revert the App Volumes agent in the desktop pool back to version 2.16 in order to avoid errors when a user opens Revit and AutoCAD at the same time.  I haven't started testing it yet, but I'm hoping App Volumes 4 will provide some relief.  I'm not going to hold my breath, though....

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            Bufordx10 Novice

            Yes, we are 2.18. I believe I was having the same issue in 2.16 as well. Are you using the Autodesk Desktop Connector at all?