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    AppVolumes 4: Packaging-VM not booting after restart while creating a package

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      just gave AV4 a try in my homelab. First a big praise: The User Interface is brilliant


      Now for the bad part of my contribution:


      I created an Application "Notepad++", then I started creating a Package "Notepad++ v7.6.6" and everything went fine until the agent says "Restart is needed...".

      The packaging machine is restarting with both vmdk's attached as I can see in the vCenter.


      And now the packaging machine is not able to boot into Windows 10 anymore: "Operating System not found".


      When I cancel the package creation and the application-vmdk is deleted and deattached from packaging machine, the machine is able to boot as usual again.


      What could be the cause of this? (My first guesses are: NVME disks I am using in my lab, BIOS/EFI, the packaging VM uses BIOS)


      I hope for numerous answers best regards,