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    Office Pro Plus Installs and Configures every launch

    BeGoofy Novice

      This issue is almost identical to the issue described here: Office Pro Plus installs/configures on every launch of Outlook however I'm not using writable volumes and I didn't just do and upgrade. For me I just created a new windows 10 desktop with Office pro plus 2016 installed on the parent and we are using AppVolumes 2.16


      when I attach an AppStack to this desktop it causes office to perform the same install/configuration issue and this Appstack can be blank or even just have a desktop icon... anything will cause office to do this.


      the reason the solution proposed in the disucssion linked is because I have nothing to update it to this is new appstack created from begining to end with 2.16


      Also my provisioning workstation is new clone of the Parent desktop with only sysprep run.


      Please help