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    ESXI 6.0 upgrade to 6.7 U3: Unable to successfully execute 'retryWrites' after 3 tries

    wasteram Lurker


      I have an ESXI system I am unable to upgrade... The VCenter upgrade process fails, and when I attempted to upgrade by booting from the ESXI 6.7 U3 USB, I get the above error message at about 12% into the process.


      I've tried two different .ISO downloads, and get the same result. System reboots back into ESXI 6.0 afterwards and continues to operate with no issue, I just can't upgrade.


      Google and search of these forums and VMWare kb turn up almost nothing for this error. I have found no log file which seems to contain anything relevant (Not sure if I am checking the correct logs).


      Hardware is a Supermicro SYS-1028R-WC1RT , booting from a 32GB SATADOM, with 64GB RAM and 3+TB RAID6 local datastore.


      The only other discussion of this error mentions the MBR being marked read-only, how can I check for this?


      Any other suggestions appreciated!