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    Replace old vSphere installation, moving vCenter from 5.5 to 6.7

    TomKuenzel Lurker

      Hey guys,


      I've got some questions that have probably been asked quite some time but jet I cloud not find anything for me.


      I have two installations with 2-3 ESXI hosts running 5.5 (ESXI and VCSA). One of the installation is running FC, the other is running on iSCSI.


      It is planed to replace these deployments with ne installations. These will be installed parallel to the old one. Right now I think about how to move the VMs to the new VCSA Farm.


      I had the following scenarios in mind:

      1. VMWare Converter --> Question: is the Converter still supported and recomended for vCenter to vCenter migrations? Why is the converter still on a release 6.2 from 2017-12-14?

      2. Copy the whole VM Folder from datastore to a local windows machine and than copy it to the new datastore

      3. Backup VMs from the old vCenter site and restore VMs to the new vCenter site for instance with veeam backup?


      As far as I found there is no way of letting old 5.5 vCenter communicate with the new 6.7 vCenter in order to move the VMs to the new location?


      Any advice appreciated, Thanks!