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    vRA 7.5 Custom forms with custom property not updating

    perculaaps Novice

      I have a custom property that is created daily with a vRO workflow. I'm pulling data from ServiceNOW into a dropdown property on a daily basis. I use this property on several blueprints with custom forms. (The workflow goes... get data from SNOW, delete the existing custom property, create the custom property with most recent data)


      What I'm seeing is that the custom property is not getting updated in the custom form. It has the values that were present when I created the BP. The only way I've been able to get the current values is to delete the dropdown from the form and add it back in. Since I have many BPs and this is not the only custom property I'm seeing this with, the burden to maintain is unreasonable.


      Is this a known issue, any fixes or workarounds?