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    Use of OneDrive with RDSH applications?

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      Hi all,


      I have a client that has some users who connect to their applications via Horizon RDSH apps.

      They are using a file explorer app to see their files and folders.

      They want to know if there is a way to be able to see their OneDrive folders in the folder structure.

      Using the same app outside the RDSH setup works fine and, after signing in to their OneDrive a/c, they can see the OneDrive folders/files in the app.

      I am trying to find out if:

      a) it is supported to do that through RDSH app access

      b) IF it is supported, how could I go about it.


      I believe that OneDrive is only supported on Horizon VDI desktops as I cannot find anything related to RDSH app use (can anyone clarify that for me)?

      I also tried, just in case, to install the OneDrive sync agent on an RDSH server but it doesn´t seem to be working.


      Can anyone help me with this topic please?