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    Clone Template to Multiple Clusters in Multiple DataCenters

    Sivaramsharmar Enthusiast

      Hi All,


      We have multiple DataCenter with atleast 5 Clusters each.


      When ever we are updating templates with security patches etc., we need to clone the same template across all the clusters.


      We have some naming structure, before cloning we need to cross check with naming convention and initiate the clone and which is a tedious task.




      Datacenter1 -> Cluster1

                           -> Cluster2

                           -> Cluster3

                           -> Cluster4

                           -> Cluster5

                           -> Cluster6

      Cluster1 -> Win_Tmpl_V1 -> Patches and other stuff is updated in this template located in cluster1


      Now we would like to deploy the same template across all the clusters as below.


      Cluster2 -> Win_TMPL_V1_1

      Cluster3 -> Win_TMPL_V1_2

      Cluster4 -> Win_TMPL_V1_3

      Cluster5 -> Win_TMPL_V1_4

      Cluster6 -> Win_TMPL_V1_5


      So before cloning it has to check whether this template is available or not and accordingly it has to increment the number and clone for entire clusters across datacenters.


      Please do let us know is there any way to automate this thing.