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    Seeking assistance with Nested ESXi 6.5 problem - unable to add host to new vcenter

    ACME_214 Lurker

      Hello All,


      Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I've been tasked with making my first nested lab.  Currently the root vcenter is 6.5 with std switches.


      I've been asked to and created 2 nested ESXi hosts and created a 2nd non-nested vcenter with embeded  PSC, a vum and db servers to add the hosts



      The company does not want to use a DVSwitch only Std.   I have created the nested hosts with no problem and assigned them to vlan 4095.   With this

      dns resolves and I can ping vcenters, gateway, etc with no problems.


      When I attempt to connect the nested hosts to this newly created vCenter, I am not able to.  Both the nested ESXi hosts and the new vCenter are on the

      same Datastore.


      I'm scratching my heading trying to get this to work as I'm pretty sure it will not work without a dvs...


      Will this configuration work with nested hosts and non nested vcenter, vum and db?



      Any assistance and feedback is very much appreciated. 

      Thanks in advance!