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    DEM 9.10: Default Applications FTA (troubleshooting)

    JohnTwilley Hot Shot

      I've been trying to get DEM 9.10's new Default File Association working in our environment and cannot get it to work....


      Horizon 7.6

      Windows 10 1809

      DEM 9.10  (DEM runs as via Group Policy)


      One thing I've noticed, is that I have never seen the new FlexEngine-DefaultApplications.log generated.

      I normally use the FlexDebug.txt file to turn on logging per user.  I've tried turning up the logging to Debug levels in GPO...


      I see that the policy is being processed:




      2020-01-10 12:04:09.198 [INFO ] Exporting profile using config file 'Save User File Type Associations.INI' (\\SERVER\VDI_UEMConfig\General\Windows Settings\Save User File Type Associations.INI)

      2020-01-10 12:04:09.198 [INFO ] Binary Settings: Applied Common Setting 'Default applications - File type associations and protocols'

      2020-01-10 12:04:09.204 [INFO ] Exporting Registry information

      2020-01-10 12:04:09.301 [INFO ] Exported Registry information successfully

      2020-01-10 12:04:09.314 [INFO ] Exported default applications configuration

      2020-01-10 12:04:09.324 [DEBUG] Stored 2 entries in profile archive (size: 642013; compressed: 36119)




      2020-01-10 12:06:19.678 [INFO ] Importing profile archive 'Save User File Type Associations.zip' (\\server\VDI_UEMProfiles\USERID\Archives\Windows Settings\Save User File Type Associations.zip)

      2020-01-10 12:06:19.688 [DEBUG] ImportRegistry::Import: Calling '"C:\WINDOWS\REGEDIT.EXE" /S "C:\Users\USERID\AppData\Local\Temp\FLX10D5.tmp"' (RPAL: l=0 (F/E), r=0)

      2020-01-10 12:06:20.163 [INFO ] Processed configuration for default applications

      2020-01-10 12:06:20.164 [DEBUG] Read 2 entries from profile archive (size: 642013; compressed: 36119; took 484 ms; largest file: 639918 bytes; slowest import took 3 ms; registry took 483 ms)


      File associations are not altered in any way.   And no log file is created.

      The only logs generated are the FlexEngine.log & FlexEngine-async.log  & FlexEngine-ADMX.log


      I have no File Type Associations created in the User Environment, that could interfere.


      Any ideas on troubleshooting this?