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    How to recover replicated VMs when you have no vCenter?

    hutchingsp Hot Shot

      Hoping for some guidance on a suggested architecture to try to avoid this scenario please:


      Room A

      Production room with primary SAN and storage (3 hosts) running production VMs.


      Room B

      Secondary DR room with capacity to store all production VMs and to run VMs required in a DR situation (single host).


      Both rooms are on the same L2 subnet and are a mile or so apart connected by 10GbE.


      We're currently licensed for vCenter Foundation and 6 sockets of Standard (but importantly the support for this is based on the initial purchase of a "HA Bundle" back in the days of 3.5).


      I'm interested in using vSphere Replication to replicate from Room A to Room B but I cannot for the life of me figure out how I handle a scenario where I lose my vCenter server, which ideally I'd run in Room A since it's the production room.


      People have suggested run vCenter from Room B, I've also had suggestions to go with something like an Essentials Plus bundle to cover the second site and to run with a vCenter in each site.


      Could I get some input on the pros and cons of each approach please?