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    Fusion 11.5 vcenter remote control lost connection

    rrosenau Lurker

      I'm able to use Fusion 11.5 to connect to vCenter (ESX 6.7). When I use remote control a VM I lost focus to the VM. Nothing is responding. When I close the remote control and will open the VM again I get a dark grey black screen. Same issue with remote control in Chrome to vCenter. Then it will opens fusion and I've te same issue. When I use VMware Remote Console instead of Fusion also the same issue.


      I close Fusion and start Fusion again, connect to vCenter and open a VM no problem. After a few minutes remote control freeze. I stil can see the VM but cannot select or do anything inside the VM.

      Quit Fusion en start Fusion again. Issue is since upgrading Fusion to 11.5 and macOS to Catalina (10.15).


      Please help

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