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    vCD 10 installation issues

    Rob80 Novice



      This article potentially have very similar issue as "vcd 9.7 installation issues", however after following all the steps listed in latter article I still experience issues with my installation.


      In a nutshell, I tried to install ova appliance based on available resources online and listed all steps below:

      • I assigned 2 subnets, for eth0 and eth1, where eth0 can be resolved by DNS but eth1 has only ip address which is located on different subnet to eth0
      • created NFS on windows server and added path to deployment.
      • Installation succeeds, every time, and NFS folder has been populated with "appliance-nodes" and "responses properties" files

      I can access https://vcd ip:5480, but below issue appears

      No nodes found in cluster, this likely means PostgreSQL is not running on this node. Consult the management UI from another node where PostgreSQL is running. Otherwise, check /opt/vmware/var/log/vcd/vcd_ova_ui_app.log if you think this is an error.


      When I try to SSH to vcd with root details I can't access any files or logs as access denied, redeployment doesn't help.


      I would appreciate any help as I can't find a way forward.