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    Given IP is not a valid local IP address

    brunovane Lurker

      Hello all,


      I have two vSphere Replication Appliance working fine, replicating virtual machines between two vCenters, SITE A and SITE B. Now i'm trying to setup a vSphere Replication Server in SITE A, to replicate machines in another storage in same vCenter.


      I'm facing this problem when I try to setup the adresses: Given IP is not a valid local IP address.


      Vendor:VMware, Inc.
      Appliance Name:vSphere Replication Server
      Appliance Version: Build 14761900


      Opera Instantâneo_2020-01-02_160702_10.29.250.253.pngOpera Instantâneo_2020-01-02_160822_10.29.250.253.png