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    VeloCloud SD-WAN - Connectivity through VeloCloud Service Gateway is down

    priscillagr Novice

      Hello community!


      So, i am trying to install a virtual edge velocloud and it seems pretty simple. I deployed the appliance, connected to a VLAN that has access to the internet, configured the Public IP in the WAN interface and activated the Edge. But when i look in the Orchestrator it shows me the folowing message:


      Connectivity through velocloud service gateway is down. The internet connection on this edge is still funcitonal.


      I cannot make this work. There is no firewall between my Edge and the internet. I deployed other virtual edges in others locations with the same scenario and everything worked ok.


      Am i missing something? Why it cannot connect to the Service Gateway if it has all access to Internet?


      Please please help me!