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    vCenter 6.7 Appliance migrate option grayed out.

    Masi45673 Novice

      We have vCenter 6.7 appliance in our environment, we are migrating to new storage and it has migrate option grayed out.


      Steps I performed.


      1. Turn off the appliance, remove from inventory and re register.

      2. Remove Host from inventory and re add in the cluster.


      The above options didn't work. Can someone has steps to overcome this issue.



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          Vijay2027 Expert

          Possibly due to invalid entries in vpx_disabled_methods table in VCDB.


          Remove and re-add should ideally populate with new ID's in DB, however can you review the contents of vpx_disabled_methods table:


          Connect to DB: /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin/psql -d VCDB -U postgres


          select * from vpx_disabled_methods;


          and match it with id of vpx_vm


          select id,dns_name from vpx_vm;