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    Fusion insists on resizing its window when mac returns from sleep mode or on initial startup..

    LittleRedRooster Lurker


      i must be missing something as i don't read anyone complainng about this. i run fusion together with spaces such that on the left i have the mac side and on the right the windows side.



      i switch between the two with ctrl-left or ctrl-right which is all great. everytime my powerbook goes into sleep mode while on the windows side...



      when it returns, together with when i first start up vmware, it insists on resizing the window from maximum (full screen) to some other size with no settings anywhere in sight to fix it.



      surely i can't be the only one having this most obvious problem.



      naturally, when it resizes the window, i lose the positions of all my windows within the windowsXP side. then i'm forced to resize everything again. how do you get vmware to start in max size



      when using spaces?



      HELP please.