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      • 30. Re: Unable to take quiesced snapshot
        SupreetK Master

        Hello IBFsupport,


        As a first step, upgrade the VMware Tools version to 10.2.5. Below is the download link -


        Download VMware vSphere


        If the above does not help, kindly follow the below steps -


        - To resolve this issue, start the Windows Virtual Disk service:


        1) Log in to the Windows operating system as an Administrator.

        2) Click Start, type services.msc, and press Enter.

        3) Right-click the Virtual Disk service and click Start.


        - If this does not resolve the issue, disable VMware snapshot provider in the affected virtual machine:


        1) Disable the VMware Snapshot provider service in the guest operating system.

        2) Restart the Volume shadow copy service.




        • 31. Re: Unable to take quiesced snapshot
          erives Novice

          ESXi 6.7U1

          vmtools 10.3.10




          This is happening to a few of our 2016 MS servers and the only option that seems to allow a quiesced backup is disabling the VMware Snapshot Provider service.




          I have read that the best practice is to set this VMware service to manual but that causes the quiesced snapshot to fail every time.




          Is there an issue with disabling this service.



          • 32. Re: Unable to take quiesced snapshot
            criszapanta01 Novice

            Hi Shoomy,

            I got the same error while creating a clone VM. I tried creating a new snapshot of the VM and this error will be fixed. I'm using vSphere 6.0.0 btw.



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