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    How to filter for VMs with certain Tags in HTML5 vSphere Web Client?

    NelsonCandela Enthusiast

      Dear community,


      how do I filter by Tags in the HTML5 version of the Web Client?

      I'm working in the 6.5 version (VCSA) (Build Number 9451637).


      With the flash-based vSphere Web Client it's easy to filter by Host, by Cluster or side-wide by specific tags, whereas the HTML5 version will show me either nothing or just the global use of VMs with a specific tag in the whole vCenter.


      Isn't it possible to filter by an hierarchical object other than the whole vCenter or is this perhaps a limitation of the 6.5 HTML5 version?


      Here you see the 'classical' view you know (and love?) from the Flash client. The filter applies to the selected host only and the VM list can be narrowed down by selecting specific tags (Auto-complete is active in the "Tags" form field).



      Here is the same host selected, only difference is that I switched to the HTML5 Client.

      The thing is that I cannot extend the filters or don't know how to filter by a specific tag in the circled form field "Filter".


      Any help / answer is appreciated.

      Thanks you guys!