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    Filtering Noise

    timothy_ Lurker

      So we have been playing with our deployment, and getting a feel for it.


      It seems like there is a lot of noise present.  We've been successfully using event_type filters to remove some of this.  Is this a standard practice, or are there some other tricks?


      When we are filtering things out, are we going to impact any other stock performance monitors inside vRealize Ops Manager?

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          timothy_ Lurker

          Here is one example.  We have a lot of verbose messages coming in from places.  Instead of shutting these off at every system (which could take awhile), I was hoping we can just filter this out globally?  How could I apply a filter to all hosts so that all verbose messages are blacklisted (we can disable this filter when needed).

          2019-12-13T15:57:01.863Z host.domain.org Rhttpproxy: verbose rhttpproxy[20113465] [Originator@1234 sub=Proxy Req 00069] Resolved endpoint : [N7Vmacore4Http16LocalServiceSpecE:0x000000] _serverNamespace = /sdk action = Allow _port = 8307