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    Set the Default Browser on Windows 10 using UEM

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      When you want to define the default browser for your users (and not use the default Edge) on Windows 10, that's very hard to achieve.

      Until now! Christoph Kolbicz reverse engineered the hash used by Microsoft to set these values in the registry. He created a tool that allows you to set the default browser.


      When you combine this with VMware UEM, you can automatically set the right value at logon.

      Just create a UEM Logon Task to start the tool with the right parameters. You can find the tool, documentation and more info here:


      SetDefaultBrowser – Set the Default Browser per command line or script – the kolbicz blog


      Alternatively you could also use another tool by Christoph Kolbicz to set the FTA's for .htm, html, http and https and effectively set the default browser with that method.

      You can find more info about that tool here:

      SetUserFTA: UserChoice Hash defeated – Set File Type Associations per User or Group on Windows 8/10 and 2012/2016 – the …


      All credits go to Christoph Kolbicz.