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    Cannot give a user permissions to shared VMs on Directory connected PC

    xgutier1 Lurker

      The machine in question has a host OS of Ubuntu 18.04 on it that is connected to Ansible and also tied into our Active Directory. It is running VM Workstation Pro 15.5 with a Windows 10 VM that was created in the "Shared VMs" so that I could give permissions to users using the host machine access to that VM. The issue comes into play when I try to give someone a role. Since all the accounts are on the domain other than a single local account for us (IT) to use, it does not give the option to add a domain user or add a custom user name including the directory. Additionally, I can see that there is a dropdown in the top left of that user permissions window that says "Server:" or something like that and in the dropdown box it says "(domain)" but doesn't let me select or add a domain so that I may access those users to give them permissions.


      I apologize that I do not have any photos to help you follow along with my grueling adventure of trying to get this to work, but I had to deploy the machine as is, since the user needed it for at least Ubuntu immediately.


      Thank you in advance for any information you can provide for this. Even our Linux loving techs haven't been able to figure it out.