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    Poor performance playing video

    RickXXX Lurker


      High quality video-material isn’t playing smoothly in the VMware at all.

      Within the VMware the video stutters/shocks quite bad.

      The host does plays the video fluent.


      Please help me.




      Additional information

      • Video material:
        • Full HD 60 fps
        • Shot with GoPro Hero 4 black
        • Filesize ~5 MB/s


      • Specs Host:
        • OS: Windows 10 64bit
        • CPU: Intel Core i7-7600U CPU @2.80GHz
        • GPU’s:     NVIDIA GeForce 920MX       AND         Intel(R) HD Graphics 620
        • RAM: 16GB
        • HDD: 1TB SSD


      • Specs VMware

      Tried almost any combination of below listed options

        • OS: Windows 7 64bit  & Windows 10 64bit
        • VMware® Workstation Player: 14 & 15
        • Cores: 1, 2, 3 and 4
        • RAM: 4096, 8192, 13724 MB (and even more as 13724)
        • Videoplayer: VLC & WMP
        • Tried updating and reinstalling VMware Tools
        • 'Accelerate 3D Graphics': enaled/disabled


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          RickXXX Lurker

          I did some further tests to get more information.

          I've checked the GPU load on my host and within the VM with a tool named GPU-Z from TechPower Up


          See the results below:

                          - In Host:      GPU "Intel(R) HD Graphics 620"      From rest (<2%)           to like max 20%          Video plays fluent

                          - VMware:      GPU "VMware SVGA 3D"                From rest (<10%)         to like 30~80%           Video plays not fluent (notable is that the video plays smoother very shortly during the GPU load peaks)


          Additional both the CPU and the memory or not heavily used at all (both for the host as within the VMware)


          Because of the above I get the feeling that my GPU does not operate as it should within the VMware

          The task in the VMware is somehow resulting in much more GPU load while the performance is way worse.


          I really could use some help, any thoughts?

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            RickXXX Lurker

            Is there realy nothing I can do?