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    VSAN two host design

    singhraj Novice

      i have two host

      one hosd have 8 ssd and another host have 8 hhd  and one NUC with 2 ssd.

      my question is do i have to match ssd and hhd ( 4 ssd and 4 hhd per host and build 2 host vsan cluster with one witness node or build three node cluster with( 2 servers+one NUC)

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          TheBobkin Virtuoso
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          Hello singhraj,


          Disk-Groups require exactly 1 SSD as Cache-tier device and up to 7 HDDS/SSDs as Capacity-tier devices - you shouldn't attempt to mix and match Hybrid and All-Flash Disk-Groups either.

          So yes, 4 Disk-Groups per node with 1 SSD + 1 HDD per host or 2 Disk-Groups with 1 SSD + 2 HDDs per host would be valid options here.

          I would go with Witness over NUC if the other nodes are actual servers as the performance disparity between an actual server and a NUC would likely be large aand thus it will drag down the overall performance and/or stability. As this appears to be a home-lab/test setup you could also run the Witness on the NUC.