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    VMRA fails to configure with certificate error

    owain42 Lurker

      So.. long story - I migrated Vcenter from a windows based server to photon appliance. That bit - fine.


      Now though the VMRA is borked. I realised afterward that that was my mistake - should have read the warning during the migration process that said the version we were running was incompatible with the migrated system. OK. Fine. I've removed the old VMRA and now built a new one - same config, different hostname and static IP. But I configure it, hit save and restart services, and get an error:



      I've gone through the process of unregistering the old VMRA, removing the user, and permissions, and tags - I've bounced both the VCSA and the VMRA after re-generating SSL certs but every time it gives me this error.


      Pulling my hair out here. Any ideas?