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        POCEH Master
        VMware Employees

        I understand your frustration, but all is about error ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED from CreateFile...
        If I were you, I'll check the share - who can access to it, for example it is possible to access it from "local system" from source computer (it must part of 'everyone' access but who knows).

        Good luck.

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          johnsmith1 Novice

          I cant use usb anymore, and the vconverter is not able produce any meaningful error.. its really frustrating and needles to say that software even years passed is crap. Also apparently no one from VMware is able to provide any help, seems they produce broken piece of software and they don't care about it at all.

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            johnsmith1 Novice

            also there is apparently no way how to submit officially issue to VMware. so they provide user forum and they absolutely ignore their products are broken..wonderful approach.

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              Ultramation Lurker

              Sorry i'm late to the thread, but i ran into this problem like you recently and i figured out a way to fix it.

              Apparently all you need to do is using VMWare vcenter converter version 6.0 instead of version 6.2, and everything worked like a charm.


              Dont know why maybe version 6.2 is broken, it can not even be installed on some machines that i tried.

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                boltzman Lurker

                I struggled tonight with this SMB problem. All the shares are proper access. The log shows it stop when it tries to create directories. Obviously, the vCenter converter (Ran as administrator) is trying to be a different user than the allowed list.No permissions to access \\NAS\Public\DESKTOP-FFH0NPU\DESKTOP-FFH0NPU.vmx. Error FileIO error: Permission denied for file. This is where I clued in this must be a guest access level as that is denied. Once guest was enabled for the share, It worked like a charm


                Maybe VMware wants to add to their software to use the current user privilege or ask for credentials for the shares... but the thing is, you can brows to the share just fine. I vote for a bug on this causing guest account being used. I log on to the NAS dashboard and see guest on SMB use.

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                  POCEH Master
                  VMware Employees

                  First you can share some details about Converter you use like version and build number.

                  Generally the access to shares is handled by Windows *and* it's also restricted by Windows, for example, if some user have access to somewhere, the other users even they are administrator or system account, as Converter is, *can't* see same share and/or has no same access privilege to that share.

                  In latest Converter access to shares should be impersonated to the user who initiates conversion.

                  For some investigation about the problem you should upload log-bundle.


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                    boltzman Lurker

                    I have to run the converter Run as Administrator or a local machine conversion wont work. This truly did a guest login to my Qnap so I had to allow it for it to work. I worked on the network drive paths as authenticated to the folders i wanted to save to, but alas until guest was allowed it wouldn't work. This was to the \\NAS\ style folder browse, not a drive mount. The version of converter 6.2.0-8466193. It was from Win7 home premium. I just tried from a win 10 PC and fails quickly. This log is of win 10 Pro to a share that disallows guest. If I put to my public root share with guest and the user account write, the logs of users online goes from guest to the username as they both access the files converter is doing at times from guest at times from the username.


                    If you want server file access log I will provide, but for now I know how to make it work. It could be a Qnap Samba config issue? I'd have to try to a windows share later.

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                      boltzman Lurker

                      Tried for an hour for win10 to a win10 share. Its a no go, no matter how i tried to get an anonymous guest share.

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                        POCEH Master
                        VMware Employees

                        Your problems begins a little before:

                        2019-10-29T20:54:37.067-07:00 warning vmware-converter-worker[03176] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] [,0] FILE: FileIO_Lock on '\\BACARDINAS\home\DESKTOP-FFH0NPU\DESKTOP-FFH0NPU.vmdk' failed: Resource device

                        Keep in mind that Windows shares are *not* visible between users (especially for Windows 10, starting with Windows 8 if I'm not wrong), even between elevated and non elevated single user.

                        So checks the access to your share from elevated command prompt.

                        Converter's services are running as LocalSystem and even impersonate your active user, it's possible that some shares are not visible or are with *different* access rights.


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                          boltzman Lurker

                          I can deal with making the machine to my Nas Public with RW access to public.


                          It baffles me that with guest RW off, the converter actually makes the folders and files and then fails and deletes them though with Insufficient permission to access the source. I will attach my CSV log of file access of a create / fail

                          Starting at a line where i access a text document before starting the convert.

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                            POCEH Master
                            VMware Employees

                            Yes, looks strange, can't say what happens. You can try to create some special folder with all access, use it for conversion and then leverage access.

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                              dirch201110141 Novice

                              First off: Thank you POCEH for your remarks on local user accounts and consequences of this on reaching other servers.


                              I struggled with the same issue as OP and probably also mr Boltzman. I did not get the exact same errormessages, but I had the same idea of virtualizing to a share on another server.

                              This did not work and the converter-log was swamped with "Sysimgbase_Disklib_Getinfo failed with access denied", "FileIO-unlock", "Error 327689 opening disk", "FileIO lock ... lock timed out", "Locking of virtual disk failed..." etc

                              I found a solution on this link: https://nikolar.com/2015/03/10/creating-network-share-with-anonymous-access/

                              This described what is needed to secure anonymous access to a share.


                              In my case I have configured several places so I am not sure how much of my changes were actually needed, but the last configs was in Windows Local Security Policy with "Network access: Shares that can be accessed anonymously" incl my sharename and "Network access: Named pipes that can be accessed anonymously".

                              I think the opening for anonymous tricked it.


                              I made (at least) the following configs on the server with the sharename:

                              - No UAC and win firewalls

                              - Enable guestaccount

                              - Add guest and anonymous with full access to the shared folder

                              Local security policy (Security settings/Local policies/Security Options):

                              - Accounts: Guest account status – change to Enabled

                              - Network access: Let Everyone permissions apply to anonymous users – change to Enabled

                              - Network access: Restrict anonymous access to Named Pipes and Shares – change to Disabled

                              - Network access: Shares that can be accessed anonymously – enter name of share you created in the text field


                              My setup:

                              - Source: Virtual win2012R2

                              - Destination: Share on other virtual win2012R2

                              - Same subnet

                              - Converter 6.2.7348398


                              I have a current case in a prod-environment were the above could be usefull but I doubt I can get away with all these changes in the security profile.

                              For my prod-case I think I will go for running the P2V from another server in the same subnet which luckily has access to a vCenter.

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