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    Improving Stun Times

    Tony_Rosas Novice

      VMware 6.0

      Compellent SC5020 SAN connected with 10GB

      VM Size 1.6TB

      VM Workload: SQL

      12 disks split among 3 paravirtual controllers

      OS disk using LSI Logic SAS


      Does anyone know if there is anything else we can do to increase performance for stun times? We are getting really good stun times but sometimes the stun times go up.

      I pulled the stun times for the last 30 days for this VM and for the most part it's a tenth of a second or half a second but sometimes it increases to 1.5 seconds with the highest being at 1.9 seconds.

      The average for the month is .59 seconds, I know these stun times are probably already in the "excellent" category but I would like to see if there are any tweaks to bring them down even further. especially the ones that creep up over a second.


      I attached our report of stun times for this VM for the last 30 days in case anyone's interested.