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    Intermittent problem accessing network printer from Fusion 8.5.10

    IanMD Novice

      I been grappling with an intermittent problem accessing my network printers from Windows 7 using Fusion 8.5.10.  Sometimes everything works properly.  However, I regularly find that after Windows starts I cannot access my network printers (no printers appear in control panel) and when I tried to use msconfig to diagnose the problem it would not run.  The symptoms suggest that Windows may not be loading properly or there is a memory access problem.  However, I ran a hardware test on my MacBook and there was no issue  reported.  I have Windows 7 installed via BootCamp and if I boot in Windows 7 instead of El Capitan I never have a problem.  


      Has anyone got any ideas on what else I should look at? 


      Other notes

      Vmware Fusion 8.5.10

      MacBook Pro mid 2012 running El Capitan 1Tbyte SSD and 16 Gbyte RAM

      2.5 Gbyte of memory is assigned to the virtual machine

      Network adaptor - Bridged mode

      the Network adaptor is set to  Bridged modeI and I can access the Internet so the virtual machine is seeing the network


      Network printers:

      HP M452DW  Color Laserjet

      Canon Pixma Pro100

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          IanMD Novice

          I eventually found a solution to this problem and it relates to the Hewlett Packard printer software.  The HP software includes a laser jet monitoring service. Initially, I simply stopped the HP laserjet service from starting by using MSConfig and that worked fine.   However, I thought the laserjet monitor was worth having.  Clearly, the HP monitor service was opening too early and Microsoft suggested it might be the spooler opening too soon but I found another unknown service was also causing a problem.   In the end I used Services to set the starting condition of the HP monitor service to "auto start delayed".  This delayed opening the HP monitor service until after all other services had started.


          I had initially thought that Windows commands Services, MSConfig and Events were not working but I found that if I gave them about 5 minutes to open I could use them.  Once I could use  "Services"  I was able to determine that the LanmanServer was stuck trying to open and "Events" system log was showing an error Event 7022.   I was then able to find the cause on the Microsoft website.

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