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    Download puts me into a registration page.  I've been registered for years!

    AlanTheBeast Novice

      Paid for V11.5 (for Mac) via my long existing VMWare account using my Master Card.


      Got a license key.  Got it by e-mail too.


      When I hit "Download Now" a message goes on about an incomplete profile.


      When I go to update that, it wants me to:


      a) Register anew - WTF for?  I'm already registered.


      b) Login to my current account, where the whole loop starts all over again.


      (I recall from the past using VMWare's baffling product support pages was strange, I guess it has not improved at all).


      Then I went and looked at my profile and saw a few things to update.


      But when I try to add my business address I get the following with all the data blanked out.


      And of course I still can't download the product that I'VE FUCKING PAID FOR!