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    VSAN Cluster unable to see any disks.

    AmazingTed Novice

      Looking for some input on an issue im having...

      Just built a VSAN Cluster with 3 old supermicro servers with MegaRAID 9361-8i RAID Contollers.


      ESXi 6.7U2

      vCenter VCSA 6.7


      All drives connected to the RAID controllers, i have configured 2 disks on each server in a RAID1 and installed ESXi onto here, the other drives are JBOD's on the controller - This config should work as per VMWare KB article RE VSAN and non VSAN disks on the same Storage Adapter.


      When i boot into ESX and add my hosts into the VSAN cluster VSAN will not see any of the disks on any of the servers.

      I have checked using 'esxcli vsan storage list' that none of the disks have old VSAN partitions (Nothing Listed), used the UI to format and erase all partitions and also on teh storage conteoller, configured the JBOD's into a RAID0, done a BGI on them to completely wipe them and then dissolved them back into JBODs.


      The hosts themselves CAN see the storage devices  but for some reason the VSAN cluster refuses to recognise them.


      I HAVE used this hardware combination to build a VSAN cluster before approx 6 months ago, so i know that it works (This is our Backup validation environment), the only difference is last time i used a bare metal Windows 6.5 vCenter to build the VSAN Cluster.


      Any input welcome!