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    Writable volumes template

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      Hi all



      to create a custom writable template ,i need a clean image, so i cloned a new virtual machine from master image and remove all the agents, do i have delete MS office,java and google chrome fomr the new virtual machine? what is definition of clean image ? should include all apps or just patch level same as master image is good enough ?



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          It’s best practice to disable as many update agents and services as possible. I always disable or uninstall the following components:

          – Windows Update Services
          – Antivirus and any security Agent/Services (if installed)
          – Horizon Agent (if installed)
          – SCCM Client / Services (if installed)
          – Microsoft App-V Client (if installed)

          - remove Any other filter driver applications


          for Java and .Net , its recommended to removed it so the application which you install com e with its library and requirements as java

          i prefer also to to uninstall appellations too as MS office



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