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    Windows 10 Search not working with UEM only

    LukaszDziwisz Enthusiast

      Hello Everyone,


      Is there some type of trick for WIndows Search to work. We are currently using AppVolumes Writable profile only that captures AppData only and whenever user gets logged in for the first time and Writable gets created WIndows Search doesn't work until user logs off and logs back in. Then after all it works just fine.


      Now, I started working on getting UEM and capturing user data that way as it appears to be more  robust and allow us to roam easier between Horizon PODs. Thus my questions is what do I need to do to make Windows Search to work. So far every time I log in Windows Search doesn't work at all although service is running. We don't use Mandatory profiles as I read somewhere that at this point benefits  don't justify the hassle. Our WIndows 10 1809 LTSC image is domain joined but all the apps are setup using local admin account. I'm already getting Explorer settings, taskbar, pinned items, recent items, wallpaper and couple of aps configured and so far it works well. Just moving slowly so that I don't capture too much of unnecessary stuff and cause logon times to be increased.


      Any help would be much appreciated