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    Custom Email Template Fields

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      Does anyone know if when creating a custom template there is a way to include VM tags in the email? Looking through the email template fling and what i can find I don't see any, but I figured it's worth asking. I want to include a field that identifies the app that the alert is firing for. So if server A is alerting for disk space, I want the email alert to include server A and a custom field called Application A that identifies the application

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          There isn't a way to include custom fields or tags in the template.  I haven't used the fling in a while, but I'm pretty sure it includes all the available email fields.


          The way we've setup application based alerts is to create a custom group for each application.  You can use VM tags for the custom group criteria, so the group automatically includes all VMs with the application's tag.  Then we have a notification rule for each application that is scoped to the group's children (VMs) and has the application name in the rule's name/description.  The notification rule name and description are both fields you can include in the template.  This isn't ideal for a large number of applications since you would need a lot of groups and notification rules, but it's one way you might do it.