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      • 15. Re: vROPS 8 Upgrade Bug?
        Soap01 Novice

        My 'lab' environment did stick as well at 4/9 for over 24 hours. I eventually blew it away and created fresh as it was just a vanilla deployment. I did however proceed with my upgrade for my production environment and it completed without any issues.

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          kingtut1010 Lurker

          After resetting the pw I had to run $VMWARE_PYTHON_BIN $VCOPS_BASE/../vmware-vcopssuite/utilities/sliceConfiguration/bin/vcopsSetAdminPassword.py --reset to get mine to work properly.

          Then I passed the assessment...

          Then now its hung at .pak files

          status shows :


          $VMWARE_PYTHON_BIN $ALIVE_BASE/../vmware-vcopssuite/utilities/pakManager/bin/vcopsPakManager.py --action query_pak_files                                       [


                  "pak": "vRealizeOperationsManagerEnterprise-80014857694"



                  "pak": "VMwarevSphere-7513165964"



                  "pak": "MPforLogInsight-7513165958"



                  "pak": "ep-ops-ad-103031471"



                  "pak": "MPforvRealizeAutomation-7010098145"



                  "pak": "AppOSUCPAdapter-8014857707"


          ...... etc .... manually bringing the pak's back online did not work. I do have a ticket now open

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            BethSouza Enthusiast

            Hi all,


            I had the same problems and I solved it as follows:



            - first back up the appliance

            - I had to change the root and admin password

            - to increase partition size / dev / sda i used kb https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/75298



            If you use Application Remote Collector, it should also be updated https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Operations-Manager/8.0/com.vmware.vcom.config.doc/GUID-AF30EB3B-895F-466F -8AEC-AB44E7E42875.html


            I hope this help!

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              Hoelzeli Novice

              Hi all


              I've got news from the support today.

              https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/75327  was the solution for me.

              Upgrade ran through without any errors.


              Hope  this will help you guys.



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                jftourignyCN Lurker

                Good day to all.


                I was trying to perform the upgrade (from to and kept failing at step 4 of 9.  My hard disk 1 was at 20GB so I did not suspect it as being the culprit (VM articles about disk space mention to bring it up to 20GB).  Well it turns out I was mistaken.  Added 10GB to it and upgrade went flawlessly.


                Hope this can help someone too.

                • 20. Re: vROPS 8 Upgrade Bug?
                  lingetserver Lurker

                  Same here, 2 node cluster, predeployment report said my admin password was locked or expired (not sure how since it was still working normally) but decided to change the admin password via the UI, tested it all ok.


                  Issue is the root account password was older and not the same so had the exact same failure at step 4 of 9 (waited overnight).


                  Finally tried resetting the root account password to match and bingo.


                  P.S. each time I restarted the process by reverting to the snapshot.

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                    cdsouza Lurker

                    earlier when i received same Error, i changed only root password, it did not work, later i tried  changing  both "root" & "admin" installation went smoothly.

                    thanks for your post..


                    we need to change for both  "root" password & "admin" password.

                    login to VROPS #passwd  (this will ask to change root password )


                    #passwd admin (this will ask to change Admin password)

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                      bnagabhushan Novice
                      VMware Employees

                      Have you validated if you have sufficient space on the appliance, please check the below KB  articles:

                      VMware Knowledge Base  and VMware Knowledge Base

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