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    Manage Multiple Start Menu

    cbaptiste Enthusiast

      Hey Guys,


      Anyone managing an environment where you have to maintain multiple start menus base on pools or environment under the same DEM? If so, how are you doing it?


      I have two environments. One environment is 1803 and the other 1809. Different pools, different applications etc...I can not get DEM to use the same personalized Active Setup and Windows 10 Start Menu custom config

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          Hi cbaptiste,


          It's not ideal, but you can achieve this by having multiple copies of your config files, and targeting each based on conditions.


          Given how different some of the Windows 10 versions are, I've been wondering whether we should expose the Windows 10 versions in the Operating System condition (or add a separate Windows 10 Version condition, or something.)

          Based on your use case I suppose it might also make sense to optionally include the Windows 10 version in the OS-specific logic on the Advanced tab...

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            cbaptiste Enthusiast

            Yeah perhaps you guys should create a custom settings out of the box for Active Setup & Start Menu combine as well as the OS version it would be for. Or deploy multiple Windows 10 conditions specific to Win10 version rather than simply "Windows 10"