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    Deploy OVF from Content Library stuck At Network Step on VCSA (v6.7.0.40000)

    rsandbach Lurker

      After upgrading VCSA to v6.7.0.40000, I am no longer able to create new VMs from a template in a Content Library when using the customize os option.


      A "Deploy OVF package from Content Library to Resource Pool" task starts after selecting the compute resource that never completes and I cannot proceed past the network selection step.


      There are also javascript errors indicating a failure to populate the "IP Allocation Settings" due to a null reference. The network drop down populates, but the IP allocation section stays blank.


      If I do not "customize" the os, I'm able to create the new VM. I can also deploy from a template in the datacenter and use the customize os option.


      Any thoughts on how I can troubleshoot/which log files to look at specifically? Or is this possibly just a bug with the release.