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    Intel Xeon E-2176G - Performance problems and wrong MHz measuring

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      we have some performance problems with a test enviroment. The enviroment is a Xeon E-2176G server with vSphere 6.7U2.

      Initial the test was about NVMe performance. But we didnt get good results so we did some mearuements and found out the the CPU load average is really high.

      We have four Server 2016 VM`s for the performance tests. It seems that just little MS OS systemload is not easy to handle for the E-2176G.


      The really strage thing and the main question of this post is, if we produce CPU load in the VM`s and we get a host esxtop CPU load average of >1 the vSphere GUI shows a the same time a host CPU load of about 20%.


      It seems that the host is using just 1/5th of the available CPU MHz performance. At same time esxtop shows a core util of every core with 100%.


      Every setting is performance optimized (power, bios...). Whats wrong? I have no more ideas and think about something like

      - P-state, C-state problems


      Do you have experiance with XEON E-21XX series CPU`s. Up to now we just used E-26XX oder Xeon Silver series. It seems that the CPU cant provide 3,7 GHz on every (6) core.


      Thank you for your feedback.
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