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    Storage policy error

    Duffman99 Lurker



      I was sent some VMs which I have imported into my environment (they just sent a full copy of the servers folder from there datastore), they seem to be working fine but I noticed they were showing as non-compliant for the storage policy, I have tried to reapply the policy but it just comes back with an error straight away, the error pretty much says the action cannot be completed and the reason as no reason. Has anyone seen this before and have any idea what I can do so or picks up the policy? The VMs were build off-site on someone else's environment on the same version as us (6.5). I have checked and out storage policy is working fine with every other VM, I have changed a test server to the policy the imported VMs need to go on and it worked fine. I looked at the monitor and policy details and the servers show the VM Home folder as picking up default datastore policy and complaint and the disk shows as non-compliant? Sorry as the post is a big vague but I'm hoping someone might have an idea



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          Hello Duffman99,


          Welcome to Communities and (maybe) vSAN.


          From what you have said above, my first guess is that you have ended up with flat.vmdk instead of vSAN Objects here which will not work for a number of reasons and should be remediated.

          This can be validated by checking whether you have flat.vmdk files in the VMs namespace folder.

          This can be remediated by cloning the VM to a new VM, selecting the vsanDatastore as destination, applying a valid Storage Policy and using that instead of the current VM (and if for whatever reason that doesn't work or isn't possible then just use old-school vmkfstools -i and with -W vsan flag).

          If this is not the case then please provide more details.



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            Duffman99 Lurker

            Hi Bob


            Yep they came across as flat.vmdk files. I have done as you suggested and they seem to be working fine. Thank you very much!

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              Hello Duffman99


              More than happy to help and glad I guessed right on first try (if it walks like a duck and quacks then it is probably a flat.vmdk ).


              Just a little bit of further information for anyone that stumbles across this post in future:

              Other issues may be encountered from using flat.vmdk on vsanDatastore including the namespace running out of space once 255GB has been written to the namespace in total (including the ~1-2GB used without having flat.vmdk in there), failure to extend disks due to insufficient space, failure to take/grow snapshots etc.



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