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    Geneve tunnels between NSX-T Edge and ESXi stopped working.

    MasterWayZ Novice



      Today, suddenly the Geneve tunnels between NSX-T Edges and ESXi have stopped working.


      Changes have been made since it was working, but I have no idea what the error was. I tried to revert as much as I could remember, but it's still not working.


      Here is a screenshot of the tunnels on one of the NSX-T Edges:




      And the tunnels on the ESXi host (all are down to all NSX-T Edges):



      I logged into the esxi host to check the vmknics and routes (showing both default routes and vxlan stack routes):






      I also tried to ping the addresses from a system connected to the network and I am able to ping the edges tunnel IPs ( and, but I cannot ping the ESXi tunnel addresses ( and


      I'm at a total loss.


      All help would be appreciated, I really do not want to remove NSX-T and redeploy everything again as it was an adventure to deploy it the first time. (though if it's broken beyond repair then I have no choice)


      Kind regards,

      Michael Goossens