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    USB Redirection is not available

    SGadz Lurker



      I am new to VMWare communities and Vmware as well, I am currently evaluating Vmware. I have setup ESX 5.1 with VSphere Vcenter and View administrator. I am having issues with the USB redirection on the client machine when using Vmware view Client, I get "USB redirection is not available" in View Client under "Connect USB device" menu option. Everything works fine in VSphere client, I am able to redirect my USB devices to virtual desktop. I have enabled USB access in View administrator group policies for the Pool. I have made sure that I have installed USB recirection when installing agent and as well as view client. I am running out of options and any help is greatly appreciated...


      Thanks in advance...

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          Linjo Champion
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          What version of view are you running?

          Did you open port 3211 to the vDesktop?


          // Linjo

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            SGadz Lurker

            It has to do with the network configuration of the virtual desktops. My virtual desktops are in a separate domain and the client is connecting from a different domain. Testing with a ping - the client view can see the virtual desktop, but the virtual desktop cannot see the client desktop. So I will have to create a tunnel connection via connection server to make this work.


            To rule out any other issue, I have tested this by adding a new network adapter to virtual desktop and making sure I am able to ping back to the client from the virtual desktop. After I did this, the client view listed all the USB devices. So, I will now have to setup the tunnel on the connection server.



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              monopohl Novice

              I had similar problems. I built a View environment with a Security Server and activated the PCoIP Gateway - the USB redirection was unavailable. I had to enable the HTTPS tunnel, too to get it working.


              When connectiong from the same network this is not necessary.

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                thakurbalvindersingh Lurker

                Hi SGadz,


                If you are using VMware View Agent 5.1.X you would see this issue hitting, Please go ahead and use 5.2.0 Agent and that should fix your issue, looks like this is an issue with 5.1.X Agent.




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                  Ben2Far Novice

                  VeriFone VX 805 causes my VMWare Horizon client to give this message starting with Ver 4.10. and including 5.2. I like to have never found the issue VMWare said it was the HP T530 Thin Clients we were using yet it happens when running the client on a Dell desktop computer and a WYSE 3040 running Thin Client (linux). I finally found that by down grading my VMWare Horizon client to ver 4.9 I could then see my VeriFone device as well as my other USB devices. I might add that as long as I didn't plugin or activate the VeriFone my other USB devices were recognized just fine. The Dell technician I was working with on the WYSE box said that VMWare had confirmed with him that the VeriFone VX 805 was listed as a supported device by VMWare but could not verify under what configuration.

                  So bottom line is I have to down grade all of my clients that need to use the VeriFone VX 805 device to ver 4.9