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    Deleted Partition Table

    VMUser72 Lurker

      Hello, I have done multiple searches and have not come across the situation I have put myself in, so I will ask.
      I have esxi 6.5 connected to a NAS unit with a iSCSI connector.
      While re-configuring my hosts local storage I accidentally hit delete on the wrong storage device, deleting the NAS LUN partition table.6.5


      This was done from the GUI in 6.5.

      Storage - Devices - right click on the device - Clear partition table

      I know. Click happy. Shouldn't have happened.


      Looking at my nas it say im still using 2TB of space in the LUN and my total consumption hasnt changed.
      This suggests the data is still there (I mean, I deleted the partition table)


      Is my recovery possible and if so, what is my best option?


      I thank you in advance