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    Syslog Options

    Masi45673 Novice



      I have upgraded our Esxi 6.5 to Esxi 6.7 U3. After upgrade cannot update Syslog.global path, every time I'm getting .The "Update option values" operation failed for the entity with the following error message.A general system error occurred: Internal error


      Can someone help please.



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          sjesse Master
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          Can you provide an example of what your putting in? I may have seen the same thing, Using [datastore]\folder didn't seem to work no matter what I did, but just putting [datastore] did, I was dealing with it for now since I could use the unique directory to seperate the logs for each host anyway.

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            Masi45673 Novice

            I'm putting like [Datastore] Syslog/host

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              sjesse Master
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              As a test can you just put [datastore], and if that works and noone else replies open a ticket, I'll probably do some time when I have some time. It may be a bug,

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                timweaver23 Novice

                You could use powercli to check the current Syslog location ......


                Log onto the Vcenter/host with powercli  ...


                #Then check the current Syslog.global.logDir setting by running


                Get-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration -Name "Syslog.global.logDir"


                #change the setting by using the following


                Set-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration -Name "Syslog.global.logDir" -Value "Datastorename/scratch/log"


                Make sure you have the right path to the log folder

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                  Vijay2027 Expert

                  Please provide screenshot if it is possible. Thank you.

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                    dmkmills Lurker

                    Hey, I just had this problem myself, so I looked at the system logs while I tried to set it -- the actual error it was throwing was "directory must exist and be accessible".


                    I was trying to set it to [DS1] /syslogs --- so I just logged onto the host and went to /vmfs/volumes/DS1 and did a mkdir syslogs.   After that, it accepted the value just fine.

                    If you're not going to use the "unique log dir" directive, you may have to make each host folder manually, but at least it seems to be workable!


                    Hopefully this helps, I just happened to see this as I was having the same problem!  Good luck!