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    Warning: NSX-v 6.4.6 BGP / Routing Issues on Edge Gateway

    Raducanu Enthusiast

      Hi everybody,


      just as an information. I got massive issues with BGP sessions on NSX-v edge gateways in version 6.4.6.

      It looks like that BGP session informations kills the routing service.

      Here a screenshot of my edges (left 6.4.6 edge with the issue, right 6.4.5 edge working fine)

      Query all neighbour infos, then query routing infos for a specific neighbour. Next query shows that all BGP sessions are reset.

      Doing multiple cli querys in a short time kills the routing - service completly.

      Also doing no query will kill the routing service after a while.

      I have a scheduled a session with VMware support today regarding this issue.


      Please be careful if planning to upgrade you NSX-v to 6.4.6


      2019-10-17 08_45_48-.png